FACT CHECK: Jim Flaherty on the HST and McGuinty Liberal economic policy

Jim Flaherty inked a closed-door deal with the McGuinty Liberals that kept the HST on hydro, home heating, and gasoline (Nov. 6, 2009, http://bit.ly/nED27m)

While Hudak was calling it a “bad deal” (Toronto Star, Sep. 24, 2009), Flaherty was hailing the HST and the McGuinty Liberals for being convinced by “Bay St.”:

“I think this is very good economic policy. This is a massive tax cut, a $5-billion tax cut, for businesses in the province of Ontario and that means job creation and investment in the province of Ontario. So, this is very good economic policy over time.” – Toronto Star, Aug. 27 2011

“I almost fell off my chair. Bay St. had gotten to McGuinty and convinced him.” – Toronto Star, Jun. 30 2010

“It’s good long-term economic policy for the people of Canada” – CP, Sep. 22, 2009

With endorsements like these, can families trust Hudak to make life more affordable?

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