Horwath’s momentum tour visits Dalbir Kathuria’s Brampton West campaign

Brampton West NDP candidate Dalbir Kathuria and his supporters gave leader Andrea Horwath a warm welcome as her momentum tour swept through the riding.

“The feeling I get here in Brampton is that people are ready to choose change and make history by electing Dalbir Kathuria on October 6th,”said Horwath.

Kathuria is a long-time Brampton resident and successful small business owner. He has a long history of working to bring his community together and delivering positive change with years of fundraising for hospitals, fighting homelessness in the community, and for disaster relief abroad.

“Dalbir is a community builder,” said Horwath. “When he joins our team of New Democrats at Queen’s Park you can be sure he will fight for Brampton West, helping to create jobs and making everyday life more affordable.”


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