Horwath pledges to work with teachers and boards for solutions that work for students

Queen’s Park –Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath addressed members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario at their Annual General Meeting today.

“If we want what’s best for kids, we need to respect and work with all of the people who make our schools work,” said Horwath. “Everyone understands that the province is facing tough times. We need to work together and arrive at solutions that work, not unconstitutional wage schemes that are destined to fail.”

Horwath called on Premier Dalton McGuinty to avoid unconstitutional wage schemes and work with teachers and school boards to reach collective agreements.

“Dalton McGuinty knows that an unconstitutional wage legislation scheme will end up costing the public billions when it’s eventually over-ruled by the Courts,” said Horwath. “People won’t be fooled. They’re tired of paying the price for this government’s reckless self-interest.”

She added, “Instead of using teachers for their own political interests in by-elections in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan, Dalton McGuinty and the minority Liberals should be thinking about Ontario students and their families. He should be showing respect to the people who are preparing these kids to make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy.”

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