Horwath proposes new steps to stop waste and promote respect for public money

Toronto – In a speech to the Ontario NDP’s Provincial Council, Leader Andrea Horwath announced three ideas to tackle waste and ensure respect for how public dollars are spent. Horwath will continue to pursue a hard-cap on public sector executive salaries. She also announced she will be seeking greater transparency into the expenditure of public dollars for both privatized services as well as publicly funded advertising.

“People are tired of seeing a government that doesn’t seem to care about them or respect the value of the public’s money. They want to see results that make Queen’s Park more accountable to them,” said Horwath. “The Liberal government is good at making announcements, but it’s time to learn from the government’s mistakes and start delivering results”

In her speech Horwath called for:

  • A hard-cap on public sector CEO salaries;
  • Expanding oversight into public services provided by private companies, including adding major providers to the Sunshine List; and
  • Ensuring that all government advertising is subject review by the Auditor General

“The government keeps telling everyday families to tighten their belts, and pay new taxes and fees, but they’re using public money to pay for sky-high CEO salaries. It’s time to start putting people first,” continued Horwath. “When the government is signing massive private contracts using public dollars, the people should know if that money is being spent on CEO bonuses. When public dollars are being used for advertising, there should be oversight.”

In 2004 the Auditor-General became responsible for oversight of government advertising, however that oversight does not extend to the broader public sector. Adding Broader Public Sector advertising to this mandate would ensure that the Auditor-General has oversight over all expenditures of publicly funded advertising campaigns.

In 2009, President Obama added a $500,000 CEO salary cap for companies receiving federal bail-out money, and required that “Executive Compensation Structure and Strategy Must be Fully Disclosed”. Horwath said it’s time Ontarians saw similar transparency when a private company derives most of its revenue from public dollars.

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