Horwath takes momentum tour to Monique Taylor’s Hamilton campaign

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath took her post-debate momentum tour to her hometown where she greeted supporters at Hamilton Mountain candidate Monique Taylor’s campaign office.

“There’s great, positive energy in Hamilton tonight,” said Horwath. “People here know they have a choice on October 6th – they can choose change and elect a government that will put them first each and every day.”

Horwath told the energetic crowd that the NDP’s practical plan for affordable change includes targeted investments that will create jobs and make sure the public services they count on – health, education and public transit – are there when they need them.

“Our plan for affordable change will not only balance the province’s budget, but it will help families balance theirs too,” said Horwath.

A long-time community activist, NDP candidate Taylor is a fighter that Hamilton can count on to make life more affordable.

“Hamilton Mountain knows what it’s like to have a voice that puts them first in Ottawa with Chris Charlton as their MP,” said Horwath. “They can have a strong voice at Queen’s Park too by choosing change and voting for Monique Taylor.”

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