New Democrats celebrate debate victory with ‘Breakfast for Change’

Enthusiastic supporters joined NDP Leader Andrea Horwath for breakfast to celebrate her victory at last night’s Leaders’ debate.

“I can feel the momentum here in Davenport,” said Horwath. “This riding and others right across this province are buzzing as people embrace our message of positive change that makes a real difference.”

Ontarians were presented with a real choice in last night’s debate: the same old tired politics where only the well-connected get ahead, or a fresh approach that puts everyday people front and centre.

Horwath pointed to the Liberal plan to send diesel trains through Toronto neighbourhoods like Davenport as an example of ignoring the needs of communities. An NDP government will put the brakes on the diesel trains and move directly to clean electric train for the Airport Rail Link.

“New Democrats won’t put people’s health at risk by sending dirty diesel trains through people’s backyards. We’ll take a new, cleaner, greener approach and use electric trains from the get-go,” said Horwath. “When you vote for Jonah Schein and the NDP in Davenport, you’re choosing leadership that listens to everyday people and puts you first.”

Clean, affordable transit is just one plank of the NDP’s plan for affordable change. The plan not only balances the province’s budget, but helps families to balance theirs as well. A key part of the New Democrats will also make sure the public services everyday people count on – health, education and transit – are there when they need them.

“As New Democrats we know that politics isn’t just about taking care of ourselves it’s about taking care of each other and working together to create a better, healthier, greener future for our children,” Horwath said.

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