Take the politics out of prorogation: Horwath

Queen’s Park– New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath says the decision to shut down Ontario’s Legislature is increasing people’s cynicism about politics. She says she will present a motion to take the politics out of prorogation as soon as Ontario’s Legislature is recalled and MPPs are back to work.

“Ontario’s 107 MPPs should be working in the Legislature, focusing on jobs, healthcare and making life more affordable for families. However Dalton McGuinty locked the doors because he wanted to quash a committee that would look into the gas plant scandal. That’s exactly what makes people cynical about politics,” said Horwath. “My motion would take the politics out of prorogation, so we can stay focused on delivering results for families and engaging citizens instead of fostering cynicism.”

Horwath’s motion calls for the Premier to seek the approval of MPPs whenever the Legislature is prorogued for longer than 7 days. It mirrors a motion introduced by Jack Layton in 2010, following Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s politically motivated use of prorogation over the controversy of the Afghan detainee affair.

The motion reads: “That, in the opinion of the House, the Premier shall not advise the Lieutenant Governor to prorogue any session of the Legislature for longer than seven calendar days without a specific resolution of the House to support such a prorogation.”

“There is important work to do at Queen’s Park, and it shouldn’t be derailed to serve the interests of any political party,” said Horwath.  “The work we do here is important. This is a simple step we can take to put people first and ensure MPPs can do the job they were sent here to do.”

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