Horwath says public inquiry into gas plant cancellation would allow Legislature to focus on results

Queen’s Park – New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath says the new Premier must shed light on gas plant cancellations in order to move forward with the business of the House.  Horwath says a public inquiry to investigate the gas plant cancellations would allow the Legislature to focus on other issues and provide the public with answers they deserve.

“This Legislature must be accountable to the people who elected us by providing clarity on key questions.  We can start by dealing with the elephant that’s taken a front row seat in the Legislature,” said Horwath. “Premier designate Wynne has the choice to call for a public inquiry now, take it out of the House for a non-partisan review, and allow MPPs to focus on other key matters.”

A public inquiry would take the politics out of the issue by allowing an independent eye to take a look at what really went on and provide Ontarians real answers.

“The Premier designate would show her willingness to turn the page by appointing a fully public inquiry within 30 days, with open, public hearings.”

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