You know the status quo isn’t working for you. You know it’s time for change. It’s your chance to demand the Ontario you want.

In this election, you can stick with the same tired ideas that you know aren’t working, that make your life more expensive, and your province less fair or you can pick change that puts people first.

Change that puts people first

1. Making life affordable.

  • Take the HST off hydro and home heating
  • Start removing the HST from gas and crack down on gouging at the pumps
  • Freeze transit fares

2. Create and protect jobs.

  • Reward job creators
  • Stop the corporate tax giveaways
  • Lower small business taxes
  • Ensure that our natural resources and public money create jobs in Ontario first

3. Healthcare that works

  • Cut emergency room wait times in half
  • Cap CEO salaries and invest savings in frontline healthcare
  • Give seniors the support they need to live in their own homes
  • End ambulance fees

4. Live within our means

  • End the $1 million a day spent on consultants
  • Cap government CEO salaries, will save $80 million
  • Get us on track to balance the budget

5. Affordable Green Choices

  • Four year transit fare freeze
  • Up to $5,000 in home energy retrofit rebates
  • Phase out coal-fired electricity
  • Invest in cycling infrastructure
  • Make sure that polluters bear the costs of clean-up, not municipalities.

Read our Affordable Green Choices plan.

6. Change for rural Ontario

  • When the government purchases produce, they should buy Ontario first
  • More shelf space for independently-produced Ontario wines at the LCBO
  • Encourage on-farm processing by relaxing municipal taxation and zoning
  • Establish a Rural School Stabilization Strategy
  • Forgive tuition fee debt for medical students who work in rural areas

Read Change That Works for Rural Ontario.

7. Respect for the North

  • Make it the law that resources that can be processed in Ontario won’t be shipped away
  • Take the HST off of electricity and home heating and start to take it off gasoline
  • More doctors for under-serviced communities and new family health care centres
  • Ensuring First Nations benefit from resource development and are empowered to play a full role in improving their communities

Read Respect for the North.

8. Education

  • Ban course fees in high schools
  • Reduce school reliance on parent fees and fundraising
  • Freeze tuition fees for college, undergraduate, and graduate students
  • Eliminate interest on the provincial portion of student loans

Read our plan for highschool fees and fundraising.
Read our plan for post secondary education.

9. Affordable Housing & Anti-Poverty Plan

  • Bring in a new housing benefit to help low-income Ontarians better afford their rent
  • Build 50,000 new affordable housing units over 10 years
  • Create a new dental care program for low-income Ontarians

Read more.

10. Fiscal Framework

  • Fully costed, independently verified platform
  • Same economic assumptions as the 2011 provincial budget
  • Least expensive promises of any major party
  • Balanced budget by 2017-18

Read more.